Sunday, May 2, 2010

Pull-on Trousers/Pants - Complete; Say Hello to Singer 66!

The Burda pants are complete.  They are purposefully a bit loose-fitting, giving them a casual look.  As a result, they won’t become office garb but will be perfect to wear while running weekend errands or whenever I don’t feel like wearing jeans.  I’ll postpone adding this pattern to the TNT collection until I have worn them a few times.
On Friday, I convinced my daughter (#2) to visit a few thrift stores with me.  She was traumatized by the experience although she became my enabler.  We walked out of the last store carrying a 1930 Singer 66 in a “DeLuxe Library Table” (No. 40).
This setup is in rough shape.  However, the light works and the needle goes up and down normally.  The motor is quiet and sounds beautiful.  I haven’t threaded and sewn yet because of the missing slide plate.  Will the bobbin function without it?  I do not know.  An appropriately aged Singer 66 slide plate is on its way via eBay.
One of the cords is wound with some electrical tape.  That means the wiring needs to be looked at.  So far, the extent of the restoration has consisted of vacuuming the dust from everywhere the nozzle would fit followed up with a slightly damp cloth.  It already looks better.
The machine is worn.  I accept that.  Nonetheless, the wood must be refinished if it is going to stay in the house.  I haven’t done any furniture finishing in years.  My next step is researching the best way to tackle this.

I’ll keep you posted as it progresses.  In the meantime, where am I going to put it?

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