Friday, May 28, 2010

Clash III - Adjusted Neckbands

The neckband pieces have been redrawn.  They now lay flat on the dress form (and on me).
HP Weekender Sunshine Tops

The Sunshine neckband pieces required significant tweaking. Darts. Small darts. Lots of small darts. No changes were made to the outer edge.  I decided to add ½’ instead of 1” to the inner edge.
HP Weekender Sunshine Tops

The center back upper edge appeared fine and therefore remained intact. Using a French curve, the new line tapered out ½” for the rest of the band.  Though, looking at the photo, it should be raised about 1/4".
Butterick 5219
Like the Sunshine, the Butterick neckband also had ½” added after pinching out the extra on the back piece. The ½” was added to the entire inner edge of the front and back pieces. The outer edge was not changed.
Butterick 5219
Here is a comparison of the two altered bands:
From experience, I know that I will not be happy with a loose neckline.  The neckbands have to be right and it is easy to deal with it now before getting bogged down with armscye issues.  It may take forty seven days to produce something I can actually wear but I am willing to take it on.

Don't worry, the neckbands won’t be alone for long. The front and back bodices will be attached soon.


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