Thursday, April 15, 2010

Singer 403A - Sewing Machine Attachments

There is still no sewing here.  Nonetheless, the accessories and the replacement felt for the oil drip pan came today!  I have used today’s allotted sewing time playing with my new toys.
Inside this cute box are eight “top hat” cams or “fashion discs”.  Insert one of them into the top of the machine and a decorative stitch will be produced.  The other items in the box are:
  • Ruffler foot
  • Multi-slotted binder foot
  • Button sewing foot
  • Seam guide that attaches to the machine
  • Straight stitching throat plate
  • Straight stitching presser foot
  • Foot hemmer foot (yes, that is correct - a foot hemmer foot)
  • Three screwdrivers
  • Cleaning brush
  • Ruler
  • Old tube of machine grease
A zipper foot wasn’t included.  So, I need to find one.  Also, some type of stitch-in-the-ditch foot.  Other than these two items, I want to postpone any more 403A related purchases until I have had a chance to know what is really useful.
This quest has amused me and there isn't any buyer’s remorse, nor will there be.  I just love the chocolate milk colored paint and can’t help but smile each time I see this dense little machine.
The only thing intimidating is this ruffler foot.  It’s a bit scary, right?


  1. Hi Tammy, Where on earth did you find the attachments? I also have a Model #403, but no attachments. Please help. Thank You,,,,

  2. CharBaby2, I found the attachments on eBay.

  3. Hi Tammy,

    I just bought a 403A with most of the attachments, except for seam guide. Do you know if it has a part number on it. I'm trying to find online, but no luck. Thanks!