Sunday, October 2, 2011

Tammy’s New Lunch Bag

It took all day for me to put my new lunch bag together yet not one bit of the construction was difficult. I started after breakfast and had expected to be done well before noon. Somehow cooking, laundry and other chores kept getting in the way.

I found the pattern in a library book: Bag Boutique – Making Fabulous Purses & Totes written by Amy Barickman. This is the Donna Bag. There is only one pattern piece given; the rest are measurements. The shape looks very similar to the In-Style SuitcaseBag pattern by Indygo Junction.

Upholstery weight fabric (preferably an odd color and/or pattern) was my first choice. However, there wasn’t any on the shelf so I ended up choosing from the denim/pocket lining scraps basket. And this time, I think I really am at the end of the cat fabric as I had to piece the bottom gusset. For the interfacing, I was finally able to use up all of the small bits I’d been too frugal to pitch. I found some cotton batting and used that for interlining. I really hoped to use metal rings for the handles but I had only two that matched and needed four. Instead, I cut longer strips, securing them to the bag with topstitching and rivets. Another pattern change: a pocket added to the front.

The bag still needs a piece of plastic to lay in the bottom for support. Since I used things that were already here, it makes sense to avoid having to purchase the plastic. I’m thinking a plastic milk jug just might be the answer – even if it has to be pieced. I could make it a little slip cover and no one would be the wiser. Well, except us…

This is a good, simple bag. One could go a hundred ways with this pattern and they would all be right.

My bag could benefit from binding the interior seams (I serged them) and the use of a heftier interfacing (though this isn't bad). I’m fairly happy with how it turned out and I won’t have any qualms about tossing it into the washer and dryer.

The resized Burda blouse is next.