Thursday, November 24, 2011

Sunday, November 20, 2011

My 70s Jeans

Apparently, walking away from the belt loops was the right thing to do as I had no problems with them this afternoon and it took but a few minutes for the Bernina to finish the job. What a difference a few days makes.

I knew the jeans were going to be low-cut when I saw how short the zipper extension was on the pattern front. That should have been a warning. No, it was a warning but one I ignored.

The jeans fit well, but I definitely will be wearing them with a belt. I want to be certain that I’m not going to lose them. It is all about confidence my friends…

The style is interesting in that there aren’t any side seams. For shaping, though, there are waist darts on the sides. Besides not having side seams, there aren’t any pockets either - front or back. Nevertheless, I wanted pockets and so chose the pocket pattern from Burda 8059 (minus the flap). For placement, I lined up the edge of the pocket to the side dart and guessed on distance from the waist. I think it works.

Front pockets from Burda 8059

These jeans look like something I would have worn in high school and for that, I like them very much. I only wish I had added an inch or so of height to the waistband...

Sunday, November 13, 2011


Once I got started, it took about two hours (probably less) to put this together. I like the smaller size so much better. The proportions look right and I’m going to retrace the Burda jacket pattern (08-2008-127) before moving forward.

Burda 08-2011-138

The fabric is the same as the first version – a stretch rayon from And, like the first, I skipped the back opening. The only thing done differently, other than the size, was fusing interfacing to the sleeve binding. Oh, I did add a bit to the neckband at the shoulders (see my last post).

Along with this top, I had intended to complete my new jeans today. It shouldn't have been any problem as they are finished except for attaching the belt loops. However, my plans changed after I broke three jeans needles (new, straight from the package!) right in a row. I can’t fault the machine, nor am I putting too much gas on the pedal. I’m simply requiring those needles to go through many, many layers of heavy fabric. After this, I’m ready to find a pair of safety goggles…

Tell me, would a size 18 needle work any better?

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Excuses, Excuses...

Since I last posted, I’ve cut out the resized Burda top and it has gone no further. A last minute Halloween costume (a classic witch) pushed it aside. I needed a costume to wear to the office. Yes, to the office – all day.

I cannot blame the costume alone for my sewing lapses. After work, by the time I’ve fought my way home through rush hour, I’m ready for comfy clothes and dinner. Then, it is easy to call it a day. Not a problem as I could get up early the next morning and sew. However, I don’t, and the days go by…

I just haven’t been protecting my sewing time as well as I could. One reason, I finally bought myself a “smarty pants” phone (a Samsung Galaxy S II) and have had to learn how to use it. I’m an old BlackBerry enthusiast and was a bit apprehensive about the switch. It is fine. Well, more than fine (I love it!) and I’m not looking back…

I’ve also had to do some vehicle maintenance – new brakes. Blah.

And, last week I had my share of sinus/sore throat/earache troubles. Not bad enough to where I wanted to visit the doctor, but lots of cough drops, acetaminophen and hot tea were involved. I’m feeling much better, thanks for asking…

On the happy side, I took in the UT/Kansas game. A fun, fun day!

And, I was able to cut out another pair of jeans using Burda 7284. Nearly complete and the opposite of “mom” jeans, this pair will require a belt and that means belt loops. I’ll show them to you once I’ve figured out what kind of belt loops I want to make.

Have a good week…and sew something already!