Friday, December 10, 2010

Jalie 2445 – Yoga Pants

My first born always has difficulty in finding pajama and lounge pants that are long enough for her legs.  Recently, while searching for her jeans pattern on the BurdaStyle website, we saw a yoga pants pattern, Corrine #6021, that she liked enough to download.
BurdaStyle - Corrine #6021
I made a muslin out of some unsightly knit fabric and though the sizing was correct, she was unhappy with the tight fit at the knees.  A yardstick and a pencil could easily change that, but she realized she was really after a less curvy/more angular style of lounge pant.

She showed me a picture of some Juicy Couture velour pants and instantly I understood. After all, one must be comfortable when stretched out on the sofa, sipping tea and interneting. I felt that it might be faster to find a pattern that already had what she wanted rather than experimenting with the BurdaStyle pattern. Jalie 2445 (OOP but available as a download) had all the desired features:

• Young, feminine styling – in no way to be mistaken for men’s pajama pants
• Snug, but not tight, fit through the hips
• Straight legs
Jalie 2445
Based on the measurements of the BurdaStyle yoga pants, I went up one size on the Jalie muslin.  They fit, though were almost too snug.  The stretch velour she bought, from JoAnn’s, did not have as much stretch as the knit muslin fabric so I went up another size when cutting the fabric.  They went together quickly as the ¼” seam allowances meant that I was able to use the serger for most of the construction. For built-in stretch, I chose to coverstitch the casing to the waistband and, of course, I coverstitched the hems, too.
Instructions - Jalie 2445
I don't understand why the instructions have buttonholes placed on the backside of the waistband and so I skipped that and put them on the casing instead.  Actually, I didn’t make buttonholes but simply snipped the casing fabric (a knit mesh) where the buttonholes needed to be. However, I did sew buttonholes in place of grommets on the front of the pants.
The pants fit her very nicely and the styling is exactly what she wanted.  Really, it has taken longer to write about than it did to sew them up.  There is a good chance that I will use this pattern again - for me… J