Monday, November 29, 2010

BurdaStyle 6006 Anita Jeans – Completed

Here are a few photos of my daughter wearing her new Anita jeans.  The morning sunshine was very bright and I was granted but a brief minute to snap the button on the camera before she got in her car and drove away for the day.

She is pleased.  We both would have preferred a non-printed denim but really, that was the best choice for an impulse buy.  There is a very slight gap at the center back area of the waistband.  Not bad and she has this same gap in her RTW jeans, too.  The yoke is fine – it is just the upper edge of the waistband.  If I use this pattern again for her, I would alter the back waistband pattern a smidge by placing a tiny dart near the center back and then redraw the pattern.  Other than that, she likes the style and the fit.  I would also add more to the seam allowances of the yoke and center back seams to be able to sew flat felled seams.  Not only would it look more like RTW, it would also give strength to those seams.  It will be interesting to see how (and where) the non-stretch denim relaxes after wearing them all day.
I ruined several sets of the rivets by being overly aggressive with the hammer.  I had fun, but my rivets supply has needlessly dwindled.
The Anita pattern is well drafted and the fit is nearly identical to Gap’s “Sexy Boot” jeans.  In looking at some of my daughter’s jeans, I see that two or three different colors of topstitching thread are used on the same pair.  Also, the rivets and buttons will be different colors.  So, I think you take the basic pattern and just have fun with it. Well, first I need to find a bolt of dark denim….


  1. wow - those jeans are just perfect on your daughter - great shape! I am so impressed.

  2. These look awesome! I'm in awe. Nice work.

  3. Love the back pockets! You did a great job. My daughter is still waiting for me to make her a pair of jeans. I think I am afraid to try...