Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Holiday Cardigan - A Frankenpattern

There was just enough of the paisley stretch velvet leftover from the cowl top (Simplicity 3634) to make a cardigan.  I wanted to try the cardigan from that pattern, but there is a seam at the center back and I didn’t want to break up the large print any more than necessary.
I’ve enjoyed wearing the cardigans that I had made from Simplicity 2474.  They are very comfortable and the pattern goes together so quickly that I decided to use it for my holiday cardigan.  However, I felt that a long sleeve would be more appropriate for the fabric.  To guarantee that the sleeve would fit, I kept the sleeve cap but borrowed the bottom sleeve portion from the Simplicity 3634 cardigan sleeve. It worked just fine and I am tickled!
The tank dress is from Chico’s.  I’ve had it for years and it really pairs well with anything – summer or winter.

DD#2 will be home in a few days.  She wants me to make her a dress.  The Burda’s will get another chance…

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