Sunday, November 13, 2011


Once I got started, it took about two hours (probably less) to put this together. I like the smaller size so much better. The proportions look right and I’m going to retrace the Burda jacket pattern (08-2008-127) before moving forward.

Burda 08-2011-138

The fabric is the same as the first version – a stretch rayon from And, like the first, I skipped the back opening. The only thing done differently, other than the size, was fusing interfacing to the sleeve binding. Oh, I did add a bit to the neckband at the shoulders (see my last post).

Along with this top, I had intended to complete my new jeans today. It shouldn't have been any problem as they are finished except for attaching the belt loops. However, my plans changed after I broke three jeans needles (new, straight from the package!) right in a row. I can’t fault the machine, nor am I putting too much gas on the pedal. I’m simply requiring those needles to go through many, many layers of heavy fabric. After this, I’m ready to find a pair of safety goggles…

Tell me, would a size 18 needle work any better?

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  1. I love this top! So pretty and airy. It looks comfortable, but without looking too "comfortable", KWIM? I've broken a lot of jeans needles, too. I generally just use the handwheel if I'm going through a lot of layers - after pounding the crap out of the seam allowances with a mallet.