Monday, April 19, 2010

Little Bag

Last week, while visiting on the phone, DD#2 asked me to make her a little bag that would protect a name tag that she carries in her purse.
For inspiration, I used a bag that I had purchased years ago at the Container Store.  It holds the chargers and cords to my phone and camera when I travel.
To make this, two pieces of fabric and one piece of interfacing were cut, each eight inches by sixteen inches. Eight inches was chosen for the width as that was the length of the zipper that best matched the fabric.
Using a zipper foot, I sewed the zipper to the short ends of the fabric, forming a tube.  The side seams were sewn and the bottom corners boxed.  Black twill tape and beads were used for the zipper pull.
It took longer to take the photos that it did to sew the bag.  I couldn’t resist using the cat fabric for the lining. Yes, you will be seeing it again as there is a yard or two of it left.....


  1. This looks like all of those nifty purses you and your daughters look at in the Coach stores! Good Job!