Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Pull-On Trousers/Pants - Almost Complete

The pull-on pants are almost complete.  The waistband needs to be cut out and attached.  So far, assembly has been straightforward.

I deviated from the Burda instructions by spacing the rows of topstitching a bit further apart and did not topstitch the center front and center back crotch seams.  Also, I changed my mind about adding the zipper.

The top edges of the pockets were reinforced with twill tape.  I used the Bernina satin stitch foot, #30.  It put that tape right where it needed to be.

I tried them on.  Yes, the waist is big, but it is waiting to be drawn in with the elastic.  They fit everywhere else.
I’m not sure what this fabric is made of and the color is actually green, not grey.  It is lightly brushed on the right side and the back is shiny and fluid, sort of like lining fabric.  It would make a beautiful suit or a tailored dress.  I wish I had more of it.

I wasn’t terribly concerned with creating perfectly aligned rows of topstitching.  However, when almost finished with the topstitching, it occurred to me that I could have used the Singer to easily produce parallel rows as it can accommodate two single needles in its needle clamp.

The double stitching could have been done on the Bernina, too.  Unlike the Singer, the Bernina requires a twin needle, which I don't often use.  The reason?  Those twin needles are pricey.  Still, the Bernina would have done a fine job.
Unrelated news:  the Singer has new bottom cushion feet and a zipper foot.  Makin’ progress.  Yep.


  1. They look good. Are they for work?

  2. I don't know, yet. Depends on what they look like once finished.