Sunday, April 4, 2010

Mock Wrap Tunic - Vogue 8402

The next project, Vogue 8402, will be sewn on the Singer.  This is a pattern that I have had for awhile, though I think it is still in the catalog.  Eventually, I need to show up here with a current, of the moment pattern.  I'm not sure what to tell you, but it seems that after acquiring them, I inadvertently age my patterns before use.

The tunic is a pullover mock wrap with no buttons or zippers.  Ideal for a machine that doesn’t yet have a buttonhole attachment or a zipper foot.  I didn’t bother to trace the pattern as the different size lines don't intersect on the tissue.  If it needs to be smaller, which is doubtful, I will just trim the appropriate area.
I did a pin fitting of the tunic on the dress form. Seems a bit short on the back, but there is a narrow hem.  I am going to leave it as is. Hard to tell about the armscye, though.  The pattern has enough room girth-wise for the dress form.  Just to be sure that it will fit me, a bit will be added to the side seams.
This week, I will sew a muslin of the #132 pants from the January, 2008 Burda.  This pattern has been at the top of the list for months now and keeps getting bumped.  This is the week.....

Also, the Kwik Sew mock wrap t-shirt has been cut out but is still pathetically sitting by the Bernina.  I am not sure what my deal is with that project.  It would take but an hour or so to complete. It will be finished (or trashed) this week, too.  Takin' charge of my sewing.  Aren't you impressed?

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