Saturday, May 22, 2010

New Look 6179 - Yet One More!

What a non-sewing week it has been!  Well, not entirely, as I did quickly assemble New Look 6179 for my Frankfurt bound daughter to wear on the flight.  Her top was made from a stretch jersey knit purchased from  Here we are at the airport.  We hadn't been able to sleep much the night before and the photo reflects that.
Going through the pattern envelope, I found that the pattern had previously been traced in three different sizes.  Apparently, I had sewn several versions of this top.  The floodgates were opened when I asked the girls about their tops from this pattern.  A few still exist.
I think this was the go-to pattern when something new was needed in a hurry.  Say, when they realized they wanted (or needed) something new to wear to school the next day but the stores had already closed for the night.  The pattern requires very little fabric and hardly any time.  I remember most the one made from the leftovers of a make-believe princess dress.
However, the all-time favorite is the RV top.  The fabric, emblazoned with various RV models, was a $.25 per yard Wal-Mart find.
One of the Mother’s Day gifts I received was a Fabric Mart gift certificate.  Originally, I was searching for a retro rayon print as I want to sew a dress on the Singer 66.  Not being able to decide, I changed direction and went practical.  What I need most is inexpensive fabric to use for pattern fitting.  I found this 54” wide cotton broadcloth.  After a 20% discount the fabric was $.80 per yard.  Of course, plain muslin allows problem areas and black Sharpie markings to be read trouble-free.  But, at $.80 a yard, I think this is just right!

I have almost finished the Singer biography.  I want to learn more about the sewing machine wars and will be seeking out other books focused on sewing machine history.

May the coming days be more sewing productive!

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  1. I can't believe you found all of those shirts! The RV one is still hilarious.