Monday, May 24, 2010

Clash of the Scoop-Neck Tee Patterns

Dearest readers, the time to compare and contrast two very similar t-shirt patterns has finally arrived.  How lucky you are to witness such an event!

Please note that these patterns were purchased ages ago with the intent that they would have a face-off.  First, Butterick 5219, like all of my Big 4 acquisitions, was probably obtained for $.99 at Jo-Ann’s or Hancock’s.  The contender, the HotPatterns Weekender Sunshine Tops pattern, has a fancier pedigree.  It came from at full retail.

Though their roots are different, these patterns are very similar.  However, the hem finishes are distinct.  The hem of the Butterick top is sewn with a folded self-fabric band.  The Sunshine hem is either turned and topstitched or knit ribbing is added.
To me, the center fullness of the Butterick illustration resembles maternity wear.  Though my midsection is ample, I have no desire to walk around looking pregnant.  Comfort, though, is crucial and I am therefore willing to give it a try.
The neckline of the HotPatterns top is wide and low.  I am neither at ease nor flattered by such a large neck opening. Well, a ruler and a Sharpie took care of that.  The solid line on the facing is the original cutting line.
I cut a size 20 for the Butterick and a size 18 (22 for the side seams) for the Sunshine.
Butterick 5219

HotPatterns Weekender Sunshine Tops

Looking at the Sunshine pattern on the dress form, you can see that something is not right with the armhole area.  Besides the ripples at the front armscye, the back armscye looks like it is cut too high.
Both patterns required that darts be added to the front and back neckband pieces in order to lay flat on the dress form.  This did not affect the armscyes.

Because I am not exactly the size of my dress form, I am going to sew the muslins, try them on and adjust as needed.  Any changes will be transferred to the pattern pieces.
The goal is to end up with an easy to construct, comfortable and versatile t-shirt pattern.  They each have potential, don’t you think?

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  1. oh they do! Lots of potential! I can't wait to see them made up but for purely selfish reasons - I've been thinking of that HP top for a while - especially since there have been so many great versions of it around. Looking forward to seeing your verdict.