Monday, May 17, 2010

Singer 66 - Evil Wiring? Maybe not.....

Wanting to know how much it would cost to have the 66 rewired, I called one of the local sewing machine repair places.  I spoke with a knowledgeable man and he told me that they could replace the wiring, though he didn’t sound too excited about it.  After visiting with him, he told me to go ahead and use the machine.  It was probably carbon in the controller and that was to be expected if it hadn’t been used in a long time.

Second opinions can be a good thing, so I also asked my father about the motor controller.  He told me that dust, and other junk, can collect in there if the machine hasn’t been used for awhile.  Using it will burn that stuff off and that is what I was probably hearing.

Other than plugging cords into outlets, I have zero understanding of how electricity works.  However, after these two conversations, I was feeling brave and decided to give the 66 another chance.  It did hiss a few times after I plugged it in.  After that, it behaved very well. No problems at all.  It did not catch on fire nor did it electrocute me.  And, it sewed beautifully.  Still, I will feel more confident if an electricity savvy soul can give it a checkup.

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