Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Clash II - Neckbands

Today, my sewing time focused on the neckbands.  Starting with the Sunshine, I took several small darts in the neckband, stopping at the lower seam allowance. 

Stopping at the seam allowance prevents the outer edge from changing shape.  I am going to redraw the inner edge, adding 1/2" instead of the 1" shown here.
After I modified the neckband, I had a “duh” moment. Since it was too big, why couldn’t I just use a smaller size (16)?   The size 16 front fits.
The back piece, though, doesn't make it to the center back of the dress form.  Next, I tried the size 16 front combined with the size 18 back.  Closer, but like the 16, it still didn't fit.  Overall, I need the size 18 (really, a size 20 or 22 for girth) to have the top fit me.
Out of the envelope, the Butterick neckband fits better than the Sunshine.  The back has a bit taken out of the neck edge.  When I try it on, the front feels too low and wide.  Same with the back.  Yes, on the dressform it looks fine.  But, on me, it just looks silly and more like the beginnings of a nightgown, not a t-shirt.  I will revise (not much) the inner edge on the second round.
The neckband pieces will be redrawn, incorporating these changes, and tested again.

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