Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Jeans - Started

Prior to cutting the denim, it was washed in hot water and dried, using the hottest dryer setting, four times.  I cut the jeans out, using Misses' size 18 and borrowing the back pocket from the Women's sized pattern.  The length was shortened by two inches. 
I used this fabric for the facings of the front pockets.  It has been on the shelf here for several months.  It came from a local quilting shop and when I purchased it, I had no purpose for it other than it made me grin.  It is a nice quality cotton and, I think, perfect for the pockets.
The front is almost complete.  The fly topstitching needs to be done.  No, they are not "mom" jeans.  There is a one inch seam allowance on the waistband edge.  The excess zipper will be cut off, but not until the waistband is put on.  If it is cut now, I run the risk of the slider coming off.  Patience.....

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