Sunday, March 28, 2010

Bernina 930 - On the Mend & Making Room for the 403A

The Bernina is being serviced and should be ready for pick-up by the middle of the week.  The pin on the clutch will be repaired or replaced. I forgot to ask which.  Anyway, it will work again.

The basting stitch needs to be used periodically to lubricate the pin on the clutch.  Not knowing this, I haven’t run the basting stitch and I doubt that it had been before the machine came to me.  So, even if it is oiled properly, not using the basting stitch prevents the oil from getting into where it belongs.  Eventually, the needle will not go up and down.  This is what was explained to me. Lacking the mechanical gene, I have to trust.

I was informed that the feed dogs are like bald tires and the light bulb is on the way out. They will be replaced. Once again, I have to trust.

It was good to know that this was not caused by the denim.  Yes, I have had guilt, and, well, I still do as this pin/clutch thing was a direct result of neglect.  I am going to find out if there is anything else that I need to be doing to keep the machine in good working order.

The 403A has spent the weekend in Illinois and is scheduled to be delivered on Wednesday.  I bought some machine oil and a few plastic bobbins, in case the metal ones don’t arrive when the machine does.  The manual has been printed.

Also, in preparation for its arrival, I have been forced to critique the organization of my sewing possessions.  There isn’t room here to add much more and that is why the 403A is coming without a cabinet.  Where will I store it?  The closet?  No, not without an intervention.

So be it.  There has been an intervention.  The closet is no longer solidly stuffed from floor to ceiling.  I would like to report that I had a gentle demeanor while this change was occurring.  But, I cannot.  There was much grumbling and stomping.  The closet has been put right with the offending boxes moved to the shelves above.  One can now actually enter the closet without removing boxes first.  And, the items inside are easily viewed and accessed.  A place has been made ready for the new machine.

The garage is next…..


  1. Hi,
    I too am in love with my Bernina's and wouldn't trade them for the world. I've never heard of using the basting stitch in order to keep the machine lubricated internally. Thanks for the heads up.
    Just a note, I see you said that your Light is going out. If you look on ebay, they have LED Lights to replace your light bulb in your Bernina. It basically just goes in where to light is plugged in and replaces it. That way, you shouldn't ever have to replace it and the LED's are supposed to give a brighter light to your projects so you can see them better.
    Just a thought.
    I have a 200/730 that uses a cool fluorescent an gives nice even light while I'm sewing and the 910, like yours uses an incandescent light, so I'm planning on replacing it with the LED's soon. They don't seem to be much more than the regular bulbs, but since they are LED's, they're not supposed to ever burn out.
    Good luck,
    Allen Duhon
    P.S. I love your comments about intervention. I've been selling off some of my equipment. I haven't used some of it in over a year, so I figured it could go without too much whining on my part. It was an electronic Knitting Machine, A Brother KH930 with a ribber and lots of MK books.
    I'm never parting with my Bernina's til they pull them from my cold dead finger. LOL

  2. Hi, Allen! Thank you for the LED light information. This was the first I had ever heard of having to use the basting stitch. I don't know if this is something that relates to the 930 or to sewing machines in general. I will ask when I pick the machine up. Had I known before, I certainly would have added this task to my calendar!

  3. Take a picture of the Singer when it comes in! I can't wait to see your evaluation.

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