Saturday, March 20, 2010

Jeans - Almost Hammer Time

I put the jeans on the dress form so you could see how they are coming together.  The dress form is shorter than me, hence the rolled up legs.  I lightened the photos so the stitching would show up better - the denim is actually quite dark.  The waistband and it's accompanying details (topstitching, belt loops and the buttonhole/button) need to be added.  And, let us not forget the rivets.

So far, other than that awkward center back seam (which was due to not planning ahead) this has been an uncomplicated project.  I am, however, expecting difficulty with the waistband.  It will be a challenge as there are many layers of denim at the center fronts to deal with.  The buttonhole will be interesting, too - also because of the number of layers.

I'm thinking that after trying this jeans thing a few more times, most of the fitting and style issues will be worked out.  Makes me want to buy a roll of denim and practice.  But, I may be speaking too soon.  Let's see how the waistband goes.....


  1. The jeans are looking great. Are you set on using denim for the inner waistband? I generally use quilting cotton or heavy shirt weight cotton for the inner waistband on jeans, it really cuts down on the bulk of the seam (and looks pretty on the inside too)

  2. Welcome, kbenco! And, thanks for the suggestion! To use a thinner facing makes a lot of sense. Being a newbie on this type of waistband, I am concerned that the facing will end up showing on the outside center front as that has the most layers. If the thicknesses defeat me, plan B involves a facing!