Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Denim Tote - Completed & the Return of the Bernina 930

The denim tote has been completed. DD#1 has claimed it. The tote is sturdy, but those pleats make it feminine and give it a bit of style - a wonderful use for the leftover denim. Here is what it looks like inside:
One of the rivets didn’t set right, so I removed it and tried again. I am not sure what tool should be used for rivet removal, but this is what I did:
First, I lifted the edges of the rivet up with a screwdriver and then I cut off the stem using this tool. It worked and if I need to remove any other rivets, this is the method I will use.

The Bernina is back.  I was able to speak to someone at the shop.  To keep it running well, I need to do the following about once a month:
  • Lower and raise the feed dogs (they get stuck if not used)
  • Run the basting stitch (yep – learned the hard way on that one)
  • Make buttonholes (again, it keeps things from getting stuck)
  • Use the embroidery stitches (specifically the honeycomb stitch as the needle has to go forward/backward and left to right to make the stitch)
Easy enough, I can do that……


  1. You should have given it to me instead! I want one! :)

  2. Well, ok. There isn't anymore of that denim but there is plenty of the cat fabric......