Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sorry, got sidetracked......

Check out this link at the UNT Digital Library: Work Clothes for Women. This little gem is Tammyriffic and summarizes what I am trying to do.  Namely, my clothes are to have the following qualities:
  • Action room - my clothes need built in room for movement
  • Design for service - simplicity and function, no extra frills
  • Cloth to wash and wear - no dry cleaning, please!
  • Becoming color - enough said!
  • "Safety first" features - to protect from clumsiness: no loose parts (dangling tie belts, drapey sleeves, etc.)
  • Time saving styles - easy on/off clothing to keep dressing time to a minimum
FYI, the fabric sample from my last post isn't junk.  It is screen printed Vera Wang , 99% cotton, 1% Lycra.  Well, it won't get finished talking about it.....

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