Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Planning the Shirt

Here is the fabric I have selected to use for the shirt.  It is fairly lightweight and has a bit of stretch to it.   At first, I didn't want to use this striped fabric due to the vertical darts.  But, while I was out this morning, I saw two women that were wearing fitted, striped shirts and the stripe/vertical dart combinations were fine.

I have three types of buttons that would work for this project.  Two are pictured here. The smaller ones match the purple stripe and the larger ones match the navy/black color of the petals. I also have some white buttons that match the background.  I will decide which to use when I get to the buttonhole stage.  As for thread - whatever is in the drawer that matches.  I found some Pellon Shir-Tailor fusible interfacing for the collar and cuffs and a fusible lightweight for the center front bands.  I have read, in more than one place, that shirts should not have fusible interfacing.  But I have also read that it is the only way to go.  I will be using fusible for this shirt.

The fabrics I have gathered together are not exquisite.  Mostly cotton/silk, polyester and a few rayons.  There are also several knits, suitable for tops.  I did not purchase any wool as I want fabrics that are machine washable and dryable.  These fabrics were purchased because they were inexpensive and came to me, for the most part, with free shipping.  Whatever garments are made up, at this stage, are really just muslins. That I get to wear them is a bonus.  Once I have patterns for basic garments that fit, I will define a wardrobe path and follow it.  I do not plan on purchasing more fabrics until these have been made up.  Brace yourself.  You will be seeing some interesting prints.

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  1. I have braced myself for the crazy prints. This looks like it's going to be neat!