Monday, February 22, 2010

Shirt - Done!

The shirt is finished and I will post a photo tomorrow.  I am not sure how the print will photograph, but I have to say that I like this shirt.  And, I am pleased with the My Label software!  It worked!  I have made three of the styles from this software:  the tunic, the t-shirt and, now, the buttoned shirt.  This software creates sewing patterns based upon your measurements.

As this was the first attempt from this pattern, I didn't want to dwell on fine sewing technique.  Therefore, I did not flat fell the seams or spend a lot of time on top-stitching.  I am not thrilled with the way I sewed the buttons on.  This was my first shot at sewing on buttons using the button sew-on foot.  I need to do some practicing before my next buttoned project.

Next up - the muslin for Simplicity 4366.

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  1. You should post a picture- the shirt looks like something from a store! It is very nice.