Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Simplicity 4366, View C

This is a "Threads Magazine Collection" pattern. I think it is out of print as I have had it for a few years. This afternoon, I cut a size 18 of view C, bootleg pants with a curved waistband and rear pocket flaps (decorative only), out of some black polyester nastiness. When held up to the light, the fabric is transparent and it feels unpleasant on the skin. Perfect. For a muslin.

Before cutting, I attached the fly extension to the center front. Lazy? Yes...especially as it is a muslin. I also shortened the legs by about 2". While the table was folded out, I cut out a t-shirt. A variation from my TNT Bernina My Label basic tee. I was ready to sew it up, but I couldn't find a good thread color match in the thread box. So, tomorrow I will go to the fabric store, fabric sample in hand, and purchase some. Tell me, how likely is it that I will walk out with only the one spool of thread? Hmmm.

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