Thursday, February 25, 2010

Muslin - Mock Wrap T-Shirt

I took my Bernina My Label t-shirt pattern and used it to modify Kwik Sew 3360, view B.  This is a mock wrap t-shirt with a faux tank/camisole.  There are overlapping left and right front pieces and an inset that is attached at the side seams and the armhole fronts. 

The pattern instructions have the front left and right layers hemmed as one piece. I believe this is what causes the wrinkling. The inset piece sags as it is not attached at the shoulders.  It isn't any prettier on, though it does fit.

Three layers of fabric for a t-shirt?  I never wear jackets or sweaters indoors as I tend to get too warm.  Yes, I did indeed know that there were three layers before I started.  But, I was hoping....

I like the style and if made from quality fabric and accessorized, this could work in a business casual environment.  I am going to skip the inset (I will replace it with a tank/camisole from my closet) and redraw the side front piece to eliminate the overlapping bulk.

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  1. You're right- this could definitely go for business casual. I think it has potential. Don't give up!