Sunday, February 28, 2010

Round 2 - Muslin for Kwik Sew 3360, View B

I have reviewed the knit fabrics at Tammy's Fabric Emporium and I am stumped.  I need to make a fabric selection for the second muslin of Kwik Sew 3360, the mock wrap t-shirt.  None of the knit fabrics here are what I want to use for this top.  I even made a trip to the local fabric store.  Nothing.  They had nothing that I could use.  I do not want to wait until I can order something.  So, I am going to sacrifice fabric that is already here.  It may not be the best choice, but I suppose it doesn't have to be.  If I am pleased with the style and fit, I can purchase other fabric. There is always more fabric.  Right?

During this time of indecision, I have been browsing eBay looking at old sewing patterns.  I see so many that I want to buy and I have to exercise great self-control.  I have been surprised at the quantity that are in my size range.  The Vogue designer patterns from the late 70's and early 80's are my favorites.

I have also spent this time researching, via Google, pattern weights.  Looks like folks use all sorts of things, all the way from hockey pucks, quartz crystals and beyond.  Many use gigantic flat washers, doubled up and wrapped in ribbon or fabric strips.  I have some rocks, gathered from Whitefish Point on Lake Superior, that I am going to try out.  They would look fine in a bowl or a basket near my cutting table.

I think winter is about over here, so I need to get busy with summer styles.  I like 3/4 length shirt sleeves for the office and I skip the jacket.  My typical uniform consists of shirts with either pants or capris.  I rarely wear skirts or dresses.  I am not sure why.  So maybe I should make a few and figure that one out.

Wish me luck with the mock wrap.

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  1. Good luck! I really like that fabric. I think it will make a nice wrap shirt. Can't wait to see how it turns out!