Monday, August 23, 2010

Simplicity 4068 – Progress

Over the past few days, bit by bit, I have been putting the pants muslin together. I keep getting sidetracked. First, while selecting a button to sew onto the waistband, I felt the need to organize, by color, my buttons and then it mushroomed from there. This getting organized thing is good for me, but it didn’t get the pants sewn. The waistband facing still needs to be attached and the center back and inner leg seams joined. Other than the waist fasteners and the hems, I should be done soon.

I pinned the pants (very briefly, as I didn’t want the fabric to stretch too much before the pieces were connected) to the dress form and everything looked good. The side seams were in the right place. There is too much room in the center back seam but that is fine, as the pattern has extra added there for fitting.
So far, I like this pattern. Sewing the waistband on in two pieces made it painless to ease the pieces together. I sewed ¼” twill tape into the pocket facing seams and into the lower waistband. I’ll put some into the top of the waistband, too. That should keep these areas from stretching out. I added extra fabric for the fly and so skipped the separate fly piece. I ignored the fly underlap on this pair as well as the back pocket flaps and the belt loops. As usual, I will be cutting off a few inches from the hemline.

My goal is to have a simple pants pattern with a fly zipper and front pockets. Besides a reasonable fit and comfort, my only other requirement is that the pockets be deep enough to hold my keys, without falling out, while I am loading my vehicle at Costco. I can do this.

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