Thursday, August 26, 2010

Simplicity 4068 – Almost Finished

Close, but not quite there. I was getting tired and knew that it would be best to stop. The lower edge of the waistband facing needs to be sewn down and then a button and its buttonhole added.

As expected, I needed to remove two inches from the hem length. It looks like that is becoming a standard adjustment for me. The pants fit but I will wait and make a better assessment once that facing is secure. I like the look of the curved waistband and sewing it on in two pieces just makes a lot of sense. It also provides another opportunity for fitting my apple-shaped middle.  I did end up using that built-in extra at the center back waist. Good thing it was there!

The waistband and the front pockets are the best things about this pattern. However, I don’t like these pants from the upper thighs downward.  The legs are close-fitting.  I am used to a pant with a fuller thigh that tapers to a classic, straight leg. My TNT pants pattern, McCall’s 5537, offers that full, yet not baggy, thigh. But, I like the curved waistband of this pattern much better than the McCall’s pattern. Frankenpattern? Yes. You see it coming, too.

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