Monday, August 9, 2010

Ottobre 2/2007 No. 2 - 3/4 Sleeved T-Shirt - Muslin

I keep reading blogs mentioning Ottobre Woman patterns. There isn’t a local source (that I am aware of) for this pattern magazine. However, curiosity finally bit hard enough that I sought out a back issue via the web.
I chose the 2/2007 issue as an introduction because it contains several t-shirt variations. And, really, can one have too many t-shirt patterns? Afterall, there is the ongoing quest for the perfect t-shirt. Well, ongoing in my world......Also, this issue has had much adulation on Sewingland blogs.

This is No. 2, a ¾ sleeved t-shirt. I traced size 50 with no changes. The neckband was sewn a bit differently from the instructions. I sewed the strip into a ring, folded it in half and attached it to the shirt, placing the seam at the center back. To clean it up, the seam was serged and then topstitched with a stretch stitch. As this was a muslin, the sleeve vents were skipped.
Other than this bright, inebriated targets ITY fabric (from I am pleased with the result. Well, I am not overjoyed about the topstitching. I selected one of the stretch stitches and made the best of it. Will there be a coverstitch machine in my future? I sure hope so.
The other garments in this issue look like they would be comfortable, too.

Do I dare wear this fabric in public?

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  1. Yes, wear it!! Just don't wear it next to me when I'm wearing the green version of this print or people will go blind! LOL! But really, this print has grown on me and I really like mine now, esp. with white capris.