Monday, July 5, 2010

Canine Neckerchief Fashion

In the past few weeks, our cairn terrier has had infections in both ears.  He is on the mend but in taking him to the vet, DD#1 determined that his leash was worn and no longer suitable for use in public.  So, she bought him a new one.
Well, put a new leash in the mix and everything else looks sort of tired and shabby.  Before this new leash, the poor dog hadn't had anything new added to his wardrobe in a very long time.  DD#2, home for the Fourth of July weekend, decided an update was necessary.
She took matters into her own hands and sewed a new neckerchief for him using a cairn approved TNT pattern, McCall's 5016.  This pattern is now out of print.  The copyright date on the back of the envelope is 2005.
Our dog weighs about nineteen pounds and the medium size (10½” x 11”) fits him well.
Unlike standard canine neckerchiefs, this one doesn’t have tie ends.  Instead, the dog collar slips through the casing.  I like this method as you don't have to be concerned if it is tied too tightly or if it becomes too loose and catches on things.  Plus, it always looks tidy even if the dog doesn't!
DD#2 did a great job. I see more sewing in her future. Don’t you?

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