Friday, July 23, 2010

Thrift Store Happiness

For the past few weeks, my visits to a local thrift store have involved pacing and contemplation in front of this sewing cabinet. Each time, I think about how it is in good shape and how handy it would be, but I know that I have no space for it. Eventually, reason wins and I walk away, sulking and muttering to myself all the way home.
Today, however, was different. This time, I took the key out of the paper envelope that was taped to the top and unlocked the cabinet. I opened the top-drawer; saw the plastic insert and I turned to mush.
Two helpful volunteers quickly loaded it onto a dolly and pushed it out to my car. Try as they might, it would not fit in the trunk or the back seat. Plan B involved a call to DD#1 and she came to the rescue! We were able to poke it into her car. So, here it is. I haven't a clue what brand or model of sewing machine it was designed for.  There are no labels, stamps or other identifying marks on it. The thrift store ladies told me that the person who donated it had said that it was German made and from the 1950s. It looks 1960s/70s Scandinavian to me. Please feel free to comment if you know.

The hinges on this cabinet do not look the same as the Singer cabinet hinges. I hope that one of my machines will fit into it.

If nothing else, it will serve as a giant sewing box!  Now, where am I going to put it?


  1. I am insanely jealous. Insanely. Can you feel it from 20 000 miles away?
    Great find.

  2. not sure if you already have an answer. The hinge is exactly the same for Pfaff 130. It will fit Singer. The good thing of this kind of hinge is that part of the hinge doesn't show on the top of the cabinet.