Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Simplicity 5303 - Tammy’s Summer Camp Shirt

I chose to use some of my Mother’s Day $.80/yard cotton broadcloth for the Simplicity 5303 muslin. I measured off a few yards and sent it through the washer and dryer. Right there, it tells you that I was really contemplating creating a garment and not just a muslin. It wouldn’t take that much more fabric for the facings, collar and pocket, so why not? But, I also wanted to use only what was already here. No desperate trip to JoAnn’s for thread, buttons, etc.
The floral pattern printed on the fabric is fairly small, but I was considering matching it at the seams and possibly the pocket. To see if it was worth it, I got out my trusty framing square and it quickly proved that trying to match the print would be futile.
For me, the off-grain print is not that big a deal. My only complaint is that this fabric is not silky smooth. Whining? About $.80/yard fabric? Yes. I hang my head in shame…..

Since the print was off-grain, I cut the pocket on the bias (as the folks at Simplicity had intended). To give a bit of interest, I turned the upper facing to the outside and added a button and buttonhole.

My interfacing stock is limited to a few yards of Pellon Shir-Tailor and some Pro-Sheer Elegance from Fashion Sewing Supply. I opted to use the Pellon. Overkill. Of course, it made a crisp collar but the front facings would have benefitted from something less structured.
I love the little pleats on the sleeve. What a great way to incorporate a bit of style. And, the gathering below the back yoke is feminine without being billowy and baggy.  This is also where the off-grain print shows off.
For buttons, I used these tan ones that I found in the stash. No, they don’t really match, but it was the best I could do. Besides, I think they add to the kitschy nature of my shirt.
I did not modify the size of the pattern. I cut a size 20. The shoulder/armscye was not a problem. Could it be due to a narrow sleeve cap?

This basic pattern can convert from "camping in the pines" garb to professional office attire depending upon fabric and style options used. Tammyriffic!

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