Saturday, July 10, 2010

Clash V – HP Weekender Sunshine Tops vs. Butterick 5219

I bet you thought I had forgotten about these tops and this blog, too!  Sorry, I had not, though I’m not sure why I haven’t been sewing.  I want to blame it on the heat.  Only, I spend no time evading the sun so that excuse doesn’t fly.  When I finally sat down to sew, it took only a few hours to sew both of these tops.  Easy.
Like the Clash muslins, I used stretch jersey knit and block fused the interfacing to the neckband fabric. Without further fuss, here they are:
HP Weekender Sunshine Tops

Of the two patterns, this one has a more fitted shape. The gathering/draping cleverly molds the fabric to the bust area.

Butterick 5219

The Butterick pattern is more modest than the Sunshine Top. It doesn’t fit as closely to the bust.

So, which top has won the Clash?  I have to say that I like them both.  Both fit me better than anything I can find at Chico’s or Talbot’s.  Not only that, these tops were inexpensive to make and this basic style can easily be changed by varying the sleeve lengths and/or embellishing the neckbands.  So, in my world, they both win.  And by that, I really mean that I win!
Next up? I am sewing Simplicity 5303, a shirt with collar and trim variations.  The copyright date is 2003. Needless to say, it is now out of print.  I am going to sew the short-sleeved version, View E (the white one on the left), for my muslin.
If this becomes a TNT (tried and true) pattern, pintucks and embroidery will be added to the pockets and collars of future models.  The Bernina 930 has a few pintuck feet.  I'm looking for a reason to get to use them!
I have fitted the pattern pieces to the dress form and it looks like it might be too big in the armscye/shoulder area (what else is new?).  Let's see what happens.....

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  1. Thanks for the final comparison on the two tops. The Sunshine is one of my TNT favorites but I have the Butterick too and have wondered. But I haven't had enough time or motivation to try it since the HP works so well for me.

    Good luck on the blouse!