Monday, June 28, 2010

White 793

Here is the White 793.  Don’t you just love it?  By the way, it isn’t just pretty.  It sews, too!  It came with lots of goodies:
Now, I can tell you that it is not in the same league as the Bernina, but it is still worth having.
I have only had a chance to test out the stitches on a few scraps so far.  This sampler was underneath the presser foot when I bought it:
This brand of sewing machine is new to me - I have never sewn on a White before.  Nor have I had a chance to find out much about this brand/model online.
Clash….what happened?  The tops have been cut out and I intended to work on them today.  I opted instead to spend some of my afternoon at the spa for a mani/pedi.  Frankly, it was a good choice.


  1. What a great machine! And it clearly can sew backwards when embroidering, that is a good feature. My love old Pfaff 332 can't, you see. :-)

  2. sounds like you got a good deal on that one. I have a White serger, but it wasn't used for 5 years and now doesn't work so well. I replaced it with a BabyLock Evolution. That put me back a few bucks but it does the coverstitch which is one stitch that I always dreamed about. I love the machine. I told my daughter she could have my old serger, but it is still sitting in my closet. Hard to move things 2000 miles away....