Tuesday, June 15, 2010


You've read about me.  I'm DD #2.  Yes, that is my real name, don't worry about it.

So, I hear that you are now subject to my nonsense-filled ranting (but before you get nervous and stop following this blog, I will tell you that I'm only here as a "substitute" until my mom gets back from vacation).  You should probably know up-front that I don't know much about sewing.  I mean, I have this game for my Wii where you can "sew" a garment to earn fake-money.  You save the money to buy a watch that fends off a meteor/asteroid that is about to destroy the earth.  And let me tell you, I pretty much rock at the beginner level of fake-sewing.

Also, I can sew a straight line like nobody's business, and I even helped my mom with a few of her recent sewing equipment acquisitions.  So yeah, I'm pretty much a pro.

So (sew?) I will get back to you.  I'll do some sewing research in the meantime.  I promise.

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