Monday, January 7, 2013

Yeah, This was Fun…

A few days after Christmas, I signed up for the free Craftsy Block of the Month 2012 class. Curious about Craftsy but with no intention of sewing the quilt, I let the lessons play one after the other as I packed up Christmas. When the instructor, Amy Gibson, mentioned free motion quilting, I had to find out more and bounced around the internet looking for information. The biggest contradiction involved sewing with the feed dogs up or with the feed dogs down. 

I’d never tried free motion quilting before and couldn’t let it rest. I pulled out my box of cotton fabric, cut two squares and found a piece of batting to sandwich in between. Next, I attached the darning foot to the Bernina and (gasp!) left the feed dogs up. It worked just fine! No special thread. No special machine settings. No special anything

Now don’t be critical of my sample. I spent about twenty minutes from start to finish which included the binding technique from the class. This free motion quilting is scribbling with thread. Addicting, I tell you…Why haven't I tried this before?

I want to make a quilt. One that is sewn and quilted in sections and entirely by machine. No hand sewing if I can help it…I have no idea of how I want it to look. The only requirement is that it fit my bed.

By the way, I have been sewing clothing. Just hate taking hanger shots. More TNT and much needed.

Admit it - you want to make a quilt too….

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  1. Your sample is fantastic! Always something new to learn, and try...J