Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Block Testing

The backing fabric hasn’t made it here yet. Not a problem as I decided a test block and sashing needed to happen before I start layering and machine quilting.

Take a look and you can see testing was a wise choice as the block, as sewn, does not fill out the 12 ½” square-up quilting ruler (see below). Using the edge of the Bernina 000 straight/zig-zag presser foot for a seam guide wasn’t clever, especially when you consider that I’d read in more than one place the importance of the scant ¼” quilting seam allowance…

Before I drop in on eBay for a proper quilting foot, I want to try moving the needle from the center just a hair. Whatever method I end up using, I need to get the block to 12 ½” before I move forward. Otherwise, those sashing pieces aren’t going to fit…

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