Sunday, January 13, 2013


My mother gave me this Little Red Riding Hood pillow many years ago. My paternal grandmother put it together and I have always  loved it. It’s a no-brainer to say that this pillow influenced my choices while visiting this week. Yes, the prints are random, and that was on purpose. Nothing too matchy-matchy for this one, thank you very much. Other prints will come later as I find them.

Since I’m going to quilt as I go, I realized that I cannot put off purchasing the backing fabric until the end. That meant another trip to and many yards of a green floral print purchased – haven’t received it yet.

I also purchased the cotton batting (at Joann’s and 50% off, yeppers!) and ordered two quilting books from One is Machine Quilting in Sections, by Marti Michell. I’m hoping it will provide sound advice for this quilt-as-you-go deal. The other is a used copy of Glorious Patchwork: More Than 25Glorious Quilt Designs, written by Kaffe Fassett with Liza Prior Lucy. I’m looking forward to receiving them. And thread... can't forget thread. I got two cones of 100% cotton machine quilting thread from Everywhere I read that one should use a cotton/polyester thread for machine quilting.  However, everything else is my quilt is cotton. I'd like the thread to be cotton too. But maybe it will need some polyester strength. We'll see...

In choosing a pattern for the quilt, I’m leaning towards a modified Stamps and Money from Kaffee Fasset’s book mentioned above or the Target Log Cabin from his Simple Shapes Spectacular Quilts book (borrowed from the library).  

Make it a wonderful week!

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