Sunday, January 27, 2013


My quilt is taking another detour even as I’m getting the hang of sewing accurate seam allowances. A few of the blocks are off an 1/8” but I’m not wearing out the seam ripper as all of the fabric strips were cut on the crosswise grain and along with that comes some built in stretch. Welcome compensation for any of my cutting, sewing, or pressing gaffes.

I love the blast of colors. However, in no way do they represent the Little Red Riding Hood pillow. Click-happy on, I introduced several other colors not found in my pillow. If the cotton prints didn’t have spaceships or ducks, and the price was reduced to six dollars or less a yard, I considered adding it to my cart. That is how the oranges, purples and pinks got invited. I know my fabrics do not coordinate. It was intentional.

I’m to the point where I need to consider how to join the blocks so they can be easily quilted. First off, there is a serious size change. Eventually the entire quilt gets sewn together on the machine. Struggling with a king-size quilt while learning a new technique is perhaps overly ambitious. So the plan has changed from king-size to a twin and its gonna be okay.

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  1. I'm super impressed with your progress...

    PS- I have a twin-size bed that the quilt could be displayed on....