Sunday, March 6, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

Beangirl nominated me for The Stylish Blogger Award. Me? I never win anything, though I will admit to trying by occasionally inserting a dollar into the Texas Lottery ticket dispenser at HEB.  Granted, this blogger award is an updated version of the chain letter, but I don’t need to send cash, nor is there a curse if I break the chain…and, I just might tell you something about myself that I otherwise wouldn’t. How bad can that be?

I always come away with a grin when I visit Beangirl's blog. Please visit if you haven't already done so.

As a recipient of the Stylish Blogger Award, I’m to reveal seven things that you would not guess about me and then nominate seven new beneficiaries. Okay, hold onto your panties:

1. Unlike Beangirl, I don’t have any tattoos. My body produced three children and all these years later, the inevitable stretch marks remain. I'm a believer that tattoos and stretch marks should not share the same body. Yet, in a way, those stretch marks are my tattoos...

2. I love simple, beautiful food (and reading about it, too). For years and years, I prepared three meals a day and even my children’s school lunch sandwiches were made with home baked bread. I shopped religiously at Central Market and Whole Foods. Thanksgiving turkeys were fresh, free range and kosher. Now my food preparation routine consists of nuking pasta or oatmeal in the microwave and simply chopping fruits and vegetables...well, at least I put them in a pretty bowl. Also in the mix is some form of protein and if I want to live large, I’ll roast a pan of veggies in the oven. When I do need to make something special, I will test several versions (with changes documented) until the recipe is perfect.

Epicurious and Savuer are preferred websites and I enjoy reading about food history. This morning, my food reading included “Dining Travelers at Home and Abroad – Favorite Recipes of Military Officers’ Wives”. This 1975 book, found at the thrift store, is a hoot!
And speaking of reading - I read everything from The WSJ to free vintage books downloaded from Google Books – on whatever subject strikes my fancy. With the advent of the Kindle, I’m not buying books like I used to. When I do go book shopping you will more likely find me at Half Price Books or visiting and picking up something quirky. Lately, I have been learning about Singer sewing machines.  If I had the room I would be collecting them, stopping at the 500A.  Oh, I would be hunting down old industrials, too.  Like the 31-15. I realize that I need to know more about electricity and basic wiring as I have a Singer 66 that should be rewired.

3. I’ve been considering going back to school to get another degree; just don’t know if the cost/benefit is worth it at my age (probably not). I have a BBA in management/international business.

4. I could not survive without my morning caffeine. I am a fan of the Breville K-cup brewer.

5. I knit backwards or so I’ve been told. I taught myself to knit many years ago using 1940’s craft books. My favorite was purchased at a flea market in Hell, Michigan. I’ve made several pairs of socks, hats, scarves, mittens and even a few sweaters. Living in San Antonio, there isn’t often the need for extra layers of warmth and cotton yarn doesn’t interest me. I love to crochet. I think I do that backwards too…
6. I’m not much of a nature girl though I do love to travel.  I have disdain for fire ants and direct sunlight. My idea of camping is staying at mid-range branded hotels.
7. Generally, other than this blog and family, I don’t often tell people that I sew. I just keep it to myself and frankly, I take it as a positive that my self-made clothes blend and aren’t theatrical. I often have to rein myself in. It would be very easy for me to return to my 1970’s sewing roots that churned out ruffled maxi dresses and bell-bottomed bib overalls. Now and then, I catch myself searching eBay and Etsy for the Jane Tise patterns I had tossed.

As a direct result of having a limited blog circle, I don’t feel that I can fairly pass this award on without insulting someone in some fashion. Therefore, if you read this and want to participate in the Stylish Blogger Award, please do. Just link back to me and pass the award onward. You have my permission to keep the chain alive.

Beangirl, thanks for including me!


  1. I always enjoy these awards for the things that you learn about people but never pass them on for one reason: someone will feel left out. I was fascinated to read your 7 things in particular, I couldn't actually believe there was a place called Hell. Do people go there just so they can say, "I've been to Hell and back." Do the locals tell each other to "go to Hell" when they're pissed about something? Most importantly, is there a hell joke they haven't heard?

  2. Ok, so I liked your 7 things too (and I never worry too much about passing it on, except that in this case I new there were people out there not talking much... of course, I left out Mary Nanna for absolutely no particular reason so....)

    Funnily enough, my first reaction about hearing of a "Hell, MI" was "Oh. It must be in the U.P." Imagine my surprise to find out it's 15 miles from Ann Arbor (a city I lived in for 2 years in junior high school, I might add, and never heard of a place called Hell). You really just do learn something new every day.

    Is that Chichen Itza or Tulum? I can't tell.

  3. It is Chichen Itza. And, like you, I also went to school in Ann Arbor though many, many years ago.

  4. I enjoyed reading your post, it's always fascinating to learn a little about people, especially those whose blogs I read.

  5. Thank you Tammy for your kindness and friendship. A link back to your blog.