Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Simplicity 5517 Jeans - Completed

When I started this project, I really wasn’t expecting any difficulties. After all, this wasn’t my first pair of jeans and DD#1 hadn’t run backwards when I suggested modifying the high-waisted 70’s pattern.  The changes were made easily enough and corrected the obvious fitting and style issues. So, I was stunned when I encountered the waistband problems. Frustrating, but nothing that a break and some good advice couldn't cure.
I think they turned out great. I appreciate that everything is sewn on the machine and the only handwork (button and rivets) is done with a hammer!

Everywhere I go, I now catch myself studying the details on jeans. I can’t help it. Pocket shape and placement, topstitching, embroidery, etc. It is all interesting and I stare. At home, while doing laundry, I’ll turn a pair inside out to see how they are put together. I’ve noticed that on some of our jeans the front crotch seam below the zipper is flat-felled. I haven’t been able to figure out how to make that happen with the way I sew in the zippers. A flat-felled seam would be sturdier...

By the way, I love this 12 ounce ring-spun denim.

My Burda Style Capris are almost finished and I hope to have some photos soon.


  1. Hello Tammy! I just found your blog. I am so impressed with your jeans! They look fantastic. The fit is good and the back pocket stitching looks very high-end. I've never dared to sew jeans myself. Looking forward to seeing your Burda capri pants.

  2. They look great!! I have a bit of a jeans obsession myself and worry that people on the street will think me odd as I stare at their back pockets.