Sunday, March 20, 2011

Denim Skirt – Vogue 2811 (Seriously Modified)

DD#2 came home for a visit. Before, we had talked about sewing her a new denim skirt while she was here.  And, as readers of this blog know, we currently have plenty of denim so I felt that I could make that happen.

This was to be an abbreviated visit. I planned ahead and cut the skirt out before she arrived. For the pattern, I chose Vogue 2811, view B (OOP).  View A has non-working pockets (why would you bother?) and to me it looked too short to be practical. View B was about the right length but it needed front pockets and a yoke added to the back skirt piece.
Before starting on her skirt, I showed her my unfinished Burda shorts and Capris. On the Capris, I’d embroidered the bird from the Ottobre Woman 02-2007-14 stretch Capris pattern. She wanted that bird on her new skirt. What is a mama to do?
It was easy to create the back yoke. I used a French curve to draw the yoke, making sure the line intersected the bottom point of the waist dart, then cut the yoke and skirt pieces apart. I closed the dart on the yoke and added seam allowance to the bottom of the yoke. I also added seam allowance to the top of the skirt piece.

The front pockets were borrowed from DD#1’s Burda 6006 Anita jeans. The back pockets also came from the Anita jeans – but from the pocket pattern I had drawn for the Anita jeans. I simply guessed for the pocket placement. She wasn’t crazy about how high the waist was, so I removed close to an inch from the top of the waistband. It does look better.
Of course, it would have been easier to start with a pattern that already had the features she wanted, but it really didn’t take that long to make the changes. Besides, it was fun; we really didn’t know where this project was heading. The goal was to end up with a skirt that she likes. We did that and now we have a basic pattern that will be used again. DD#1 wants a denim skirt…with that bird, no less…


  1. More cute denim! Your top stitching looks so professional.

  2. Way cute!! I like the bird, too.

  3. You Rocked that skirt , T ! I LOVE what you did it's adorable and sleek looking not the usual "bulky" denim look . tres chic tres sleek. You're one great Mom ! I've never used a french curve (must read up on that one) I'm now inspired

    Thanks for the photographs great job !

  4. Hi Tammy,
    Very nice love the bird on the pocket.