Monday, March 14, 2011

Like Butter…

Mary Nanna was so right! I put a Schmetz Jeans/Denim size 16 needle in the Bernina and that was the solution to the topstitching. Those denim needles have been in the drawer but I’ve been reluctant to use them as they cost more than regular needles.  So, the object lesson for today:

Being stingy is not going to work when it comes to topstitching denim

I am grateful that it isn’t a machine issue and I wish all of life’s problems were solved so easily…

Tomorrow, DD#1 will model her new jeans for us.

Encouraged, I cut out the Burda 01-2010-136 jeans. With the weather getting warmer, I decided they needed to be capri length.


  1. Glad to hear it was a problem so simply fixed. What is more, a denim needle's eye is large enough to take top stitching thread so you don't even have to change needles when you top stitch. Don't you wish everything was that easy. Nice looking jeans - like the straight leg.

  2. Can these needles be used on a Singer machine ?
    The trousers are Great ! The capris are as well. I've never used denim before,am I "in for it" ?


  3. Elise, This is a common size of needle but you should check your manual to see what is right for your machine. Other than a strong needle and a larger stitch, you will also want to use a heavy thread for topstitching. Make sure to wash and dry your denim (at least twice) before cutting. It will shrink!