Monday, February 7, 2011

Sewing Muslins for Jeans - Schnittvision and BML

Since I haven’t found a stretch fabric I’m willing to sacrifice for the Schnittvision pants muslin, I went and printed the Schnittvision jeans pattern included in volume 7 and sewed a muslin.  I basted a zipper into the center front so I would have an easier time evaluating. The fit isn’t too far off, however I’m having to add to the front and back inseams at the crotch. The legs are a bit snug so I sewed a 3/8” seam instead of 5/8”. That took care of that, though I prefer a slight boot cut leg and will be adjusting the pattern from the knee down. I used non-stretch cotton for my muslin. Had I used a stretch fabric, I don’t think any adjustments would be needed.

I’m getting my jeans pattern ready even though the denim won’t be here for a few weeks. Topstitching thread and brass zippers, from Atlanta Thread, should be here tomorrow. I also need to place an order for rivets.  Just need to decide which ones I want.

BML Five Pocket Jeans

Not having had enough of taping sheets of printer paper together, I’ve also printed the pattern for the Bernina My Label jeans.  Hmm...doesn't something seem off with those back pockets?

Once the BML muslin is complete, I’ll compare the two and decide which pattern works best and then go from there.

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  1. -snort- those BML back pockets made me laugh out loud. I guess maybe if you wear a size 0 you can sort of get away with goofy pockets that make your butt look extra big. I think I'd probably have to resort to "normal" jeans pockets (since my butt is considerably larger than a size 0).