Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Pattern Auditions - Jeans

Well, it started from wanting to test the Schnittvision, volume 7, pants pattern and has turned into searching for a classic jeans pattern.

My detour occurred innocently enough. I didn’t have a stretch fabric that was appropriate for the Schnittvision pants so I chose to try the jeans instead. And then, being curious, I decided to compare the pattern to BML's version.

Entering identical measurements, I came away with two very different jeans patterns. They both fit. Nevertheless, the BML muslin has a “mom” jeans vibe and though the Schnittvision jeans are more stylish, I want the legs to be looser. Easy to remedy by reprinting the pattern with larger thigh/knee measurements or by simply redrawing the leg seams on the existing pattern. 
Both patterns can be corrected so they would work for me – I just don’t want to. While trying these patterns, I also put together a muslin of Simplicity 7581, view C (the one on the left). I found this bootcut jeans pattern, circa 1997, on eBay. Granted, it is ancient. But, other than taking in the side seams a bit at the hips (I cut a size 18) and shortening the leg, the muslin fits and better yet, it looks right.
I’m not stopping at Simplicity 7581. No, no…In a spirit of generosity, I’m also giving my Burda magazines a rare opportunity and have traced (can you believe it?) 01-2010-136, minus the front inner leg patch piece.
BurdaStyle 01-2010-136

The zippers and topstitching thread have arrived and I even made a trip to JoAnn’s and bought a piece of denim. I’m not thrilled with JoAnn’s denim offerings. Just sayin’.

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  1. What! I can't believe you don't like Joanns abundant offerings!

    Why, just yesterday i found a stretch denim, with red metallic thread woven thru, on clearance (still too high for my cheap taste)(and worse, when you stretched out the denim, the red became brighter, so anywhere it would be tight would be much redder than say, the bottom of the leg. Like my ass needs any more highlights on it!). I'm pretty sure that i saw a stretch denim with some kind of silver glitter in a heart or odd type of pattern as well. With these stylish, fashionable, conservative fabrics, how can you go wrong?

    sarcastic angie