Monday, January 10, 2011

(Guest Post) No, it's not a muumuu.

It's not a muumuu, despite what you were hoping.  It's actually a dress-in-progress.  "So, dress-in-progress is a euphemism for an XXXL muumuu, right?"  Wrong, but it's OK to dream.
My mom (who you know as Sew There Tammy) is sewing this up for me as we speak.  She lets me do some of the easy stuff, but let's face it: the only things I know how to do are regular stitch and back stitch.  And even those not so much, because I forgot to put the foot down yesterday while making the muslin and things got a bit too "interesting" for my liking.  I thought I had broken her machine, but that shows just how little I know about how the thing works. 

I helped cut out the pattern pieces, but pretty much that's the extent of my contribution.  Well, that and my obligation to try it on every 5 minutes when my mom decides once again that there is absolutely no way that this will fit over my gigantic head.

So here's what she's making:  Ottobre Woman 05-2008-01 "Simple-yet-elegant pintuck dress" size 40

I got to go shopping in mom's fabric closet, and I picked out the black fabric.  To make it a little different, I opted for green thread, which you can see in the top picture because it looks like white.  And there is a belt-thing that will rope the whole dress in.  Don't worry.  It's going to be OK.

(Guest post by blahblahblog.)

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