Monday, January 17, 2011

Butterick 5555 – Loose-Fitting Top

I’d made this top several days ago and have been dragging my feet posting because I’m just not thrilled with it.  It started well enough as I made my usual pattern changes which included adding to the hem of view A (three inches) and shortening the sleeves (one inch).  I raised the center front opening about 5/8” while narrowing the bottom of the opening. I also added a strip of fusible interfacing to the part of the belt that wraps around the waist.  That will help keep the belt from folding over on itself.

The polyester fabric came from the local JoAnn’s or Hancock’s several months ago.  I don’t remember which. All I do remember is that it was an inexpensive (clearance) purchase and when I got it home, I wondered what I was thinking buying such a non-breathable fabric when it was so hot outside…
Shortly after I tried the nearly completed top on and walked around, the belt slid to my hips.  Disconcerted, I sewed thin bias-cut belt loops, opened the side seams at the waist and inserted them.  The belt loops corrected the slippage, but I bet I end up adding elastic to the waistline.  I’ll wear it a time or two first.  Maybe it will be all right.

In other news, I finally purchased the Schnittvision Neo Chic Collection, volume 7.  It contains thirteen garment patterns. I had first learned about Schnittvision from The Selfish Seamstress blog.  I kept postponing buying the software because it isn’t in English.  Really, it is straightforward after a visit to Google Translate. 
The software creates the patterns based on the body measurements you enter.  It takes fewer measurements than Bernina My Label to be able to print a pattern. And, like BML, seam and hem allowances are included. I bought volume 7 for the fitted leather jacket pattern, but to see how the software works I’m starting with pants. The pants require fewer measurements than the jacket. Also, right now I need pants more than I need a jacket.
My 64-bit operating system computer wouldn’t print the pattern but I had no problems when I used DD#1’s discarded 32-bit laptop.

The shipping cost from Germany to Texas was more than the software, but being curious, I ordered it anyway. Besides, due to non-use, I’ve opted not to renew my Burda Style subscription. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had one of those crazy-lined Burda sheets laid out on the sewing table and just laughed and snorted until I finally fold the pattern sheet back up and file it away. I do love the styles though and really want to be in a mindset to sew them.  And, that will eventually happen as those Burda sheets are still coming my way - DD#2 gifted me a Burda Style Plus subscription!

So, I’m trying something new. Have you sewn anything from the Schnittvision patterns?

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  1. I like that shirt! I'm sorry you're having trouble with it. I think it is really nice.