Saturday, June 8, 2013

Golden D'or Fabric Outlet

Guest Blog by GG & DD#2:

DALLAS (TX) - A hot June morning in Texas started with a quest.  Visitors traveled to the Golden D'or Fabric Outlet in search of fabric... and unprecedented adventure.  

SewThereTammy was on the scene, and encountered a wild beast she had never seen in all her days: the $7 Fabriconda.

Upon sight, our hero Tammy instinctively grasped the fabric snake by the head before wrestling it to the cash register, stopping only to make sure that its contents were at least as interesting as the multiple other snakes swarming in the pit below.

"Ain't nobody got time to search for them there derned fabric pieces one by one" she was heard mumbling as she pulled the snake out to the car and loaded it in the trunk.

News 10 was able to privately interview Tammy this afternoon.  During this interview, Tammy revealed that she later cut the snake open to reveal her prize: the snake's mysterious fabric contents.

"Just like any road kill I done seen, there's gon' be scrap.  But you really gotta look at each piece to find them sweet, sweet gems worth keepin'."  Although about half of the fabric in the snake was torn, stained, taped, or contained mysterious permanent marker symbols, Tammy believes the remainder will be useful for muslins, shirts, and other various projects.

As for Tammy, she's taking the night off after a rough day of Fabriconda fighting.


  1. LOL! I have only been there once -- it's not very conveniently located! I did not see the fabric anaconda, but my daughter and I were pretty overwhelmed so we did all our shopping from the remnant table:)

  2. A Fabriconda is just sooo funny - very aptly named, though! Can't wait to see what you pull out from the inner depths of this beast...

  3. I've seen those on my trips there, but never been tempted as I have sooo much fabric as it is. I do love their bargain room! Actually I love the whole place and the other stores on Perth St. I need to get back there. Glad you met with success!

  4. Fabriconda is a great name for that scrap bag.
    This post was amusing and informative.
    Thanks for sharing.