Sunday, June 23, 2013

Fabriconda #3 - Burda 08-2011-138

The Fabriconda bag had several small pieces of cotton fabric of similar weight. The fact that they did not coordinate was of no concern. I pulled out a TNT top pattern, Burda Style 08-2011-138, and had fun. I have sewn this pattern several times. This round the sleeve was shortened one inch. I have yet to make it with the back button closure, and wasn't interested in tackling it for this top.

Burda Style 08-2011-138

This selection of fabrics had many flaws and tape residue that had to be worked around. By combining the undamaged bits, there was just enough for my top.

To help pull together the disparate prints, I added a scrap of the floral to the center front neckband along with the tab and a button I found in the stash. Like the recent Jaile t-shirt and the Rachel Comey top, I had to sew pieces together to get fabric long enough for the pattern pieces.



I would not have deliberately planned for this combination of fabrics, but you know, I was amused and I believe it will pair nicely with my new black capris...


  1. love your print mixing!! very unique!

    I wish there was more patterns out there that combined smaller panels (for fabric mixing) etc. I can't find to seem to find anything.