Saturday, June 22, 2013

Fabriconda #2 - Vogue 1247

Well, I'd used my first version of this pattern testing and diagnosing the ailing serger. Not only was the polyester top a mess inside, but the fabric just felt icky. Being too short was the kicker and into the bin it went. I am not sorry.

Still curious about the pattern, I made a few changes and chose this cotton Samsung fabric from the Fabriconda. Tell me, is this the same Samsung that makes phones and TVs?

There were five or six small pieces of this print in the Golden D'or bag and that meant for some creative piecing. None were long enough to cut the back in one piece so I created a seam, matching the one on the front, and cut the fabric on the cross-wise grain. Although appreciated, the triangular bits on the front were eliminated as I deemed this print quite busy enough, thank you very much. The bottom front was cut cross-wise to match the back.

The pattern instructions call for French seams. I ignored that and used the serger. As far as I know, the French seam police are not out looking for me...Now, if I had used a silk or silk-like fabric, I would have had to sew French seams.

Exploiting a Tammyriffic standard, I altered the neckline. Take a look at the line drawing below. Doesn't that look awfully wide to you? It did to me so I took my faithful French curve to it.

Here is what I did to the back pattern piece:

While I was adjusting, I also fixed the length of the top:

Yes, I have wandered from Ms. Comey's design. It will be okay.


  1. It would appear that the Samsung behind your fabric is indeed the same Samsung that creates electronic devices. Here is a link describing their relationship with Caravel:

  2. Nathaniel, Thanks for the information. It appears that Caravel is part of Samsung's corporate diversification strategy.